The Law Offices of Al-Essa & Partners

The Firm is considered one of the oldest law offices in the State of Kuwait. it was established in 1960 by the late lawyer Hamad Yousef Al Essa, The Firm consisting of a team of competent counsellors and specialized lawyers with proficient legal expertise capable to find legal solutions suitable for all sorts of issues, consultations, or legal work.

The legal history of the Firm confirms it's spectacular achievements since its inception. As the firm is based on strong science, knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the legal systems in general and the legal system of the State of Kuwait in particular; the office has excelled in various legal aspects proven by the continuous success and the established credibility.

The long relationship between the Firm and its clients which stands for more than fifty years naw provides the office a great honour, and it is a solid indication of the clients’ absolute confidence and satisfaction with the legal and professional services offered to them by the office. The Firm is keen when it comes to selecting new clients to search for quality and not quantity. For such reason, the Firm was honoured to successfully represent several clients in the largest and most important public opinion trials presented to the court.

AL Essa & Partners Law firm utilizes the latest legal references by means of modern technology and excellent human resources with high skill in both sections, it's local and International  as well as in all divisions.